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  2. Medical Exemptions for Jury Duty | American Council on ...

    When I received my official summons for jury duty the other day, the form guided me to complete a juror qualification questionnaire. In so doing, I came upon my state’s list of acceptable excuses which included, among others, an automatic exemption for those 75 years or older if so inclined—no infirmity required.

  3. Except for a person who does not meet the eligibility requirements for jury duty, no person may be excused from jury service except upon a showing of undue hardship, extreme inconvenience, public necessity, or any reason deemed sufficient by the court for a period of time the court deems necessary (RCW 2.36.100). Reasons & Requirements For Excuse

  4. Gwinnett County Courts - Jury Services

    In order to reduce wait times when you arrive for jury duty, Jury Administration would like to be sure you meet the minimum qualifications ahead of time to serve as a juror. If you do NOT meet any one of these qualifications, please notify Jury Administration for assistance ASAP by e-mail ( or phone (770-822-7170).

  5. Jury Questionnaire Frequently Asked Questions DO NOT NOT Is ...

    request to be excused from jury service. The Questionnaire you received is NOT a Summons for Jury Duty. After the Court reviews your Questionnaire response, you may be selected for jury service during the next calendar year. If selected to serve, the Court will mail you a summons approximately 20 days prior to your month of service.

  6. Your first duty when entering the jury room is to select a presiding juror. The jury should carefully select a well-qualified presiding juror. Their duty is to see that discussion happens in a free and orderly manner, that the issues you must decide are fully and freely discussed, and that every juror is given an opportunity to participate.

  7. Jury Services | Superior Court of California | County of Kern

    To submit a Disqualification/Excuse for Jury Duty or to print proof of service date(s), please use the Jury Portal. To receive a reminder message, text your badge number to (661) 371-7207 . Have your pin number ready.

  8. Exemptions from Jury Duty - Georgia Courts

    from jury duty shall be excused or deferred from jury duty. (3) Notwithstanding paragraph (I) of this subsection, any person who is the primary caregiver having active care and custody of a child six years of age or younger, who executes an affidavit on a form provided by the court stating that such person is the primary caregiver

  9. Osceola County Jury Duty | Ninth Judicial Circuit Court of ...

    To expedite your request to be excused for medical reasons, please have your healthcare provider complete the Medical Excuse Form and forward it to Jury Services. All requests must be mailed, emailed or submitted online no less than ten (10) days prior to the reporting date to: Ninth Judicial Circuit Court. Osceola County Jury Administration

  10. Colorado Judicial Branch - Denver County Jury Information

    Phone numbers to verify (via recorded message) whether or not your juror number is selected to report for jury duty; Contact information for the local jury commissioner; A postponement form to request a later appearance date; Denver City & County Bldg (Civil Matters) postponement form; Lindsey-Flanigan Courthouse (Criminal Matters) postponement ...

  11. All communication regarding failure to serve jury duty is done via U.S. mail. No court jury staff or Contra Costa County Sheriff’s staff ask past or prospective jurors to pay a fine or provide financial details including, credit card numbers, bank account, social security numbers or other personal information.