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  2. Skip Jury Duty With an Excuse Letter From an Employer - DoNotPay

    A jury duty excuse letter from an employer should include: The basic information about an employee’s jury duty (juror number, contact details, summons date, and the issuing court information) A detailed explanation about why serving on a jury will cause an employee a massive inconvenience at work

  3. 1 dead, 5 injured in gunfight outside bar involving off-duty ...

    One person was killed and five others were injured when a gunfight erupted outside a downtown Kansas City, Missouri, bar, prompting three off-duty police officers working security at the ...

  4. Officer thought he was sexting teen, CA officials say | The ...

    A California police officer, once named Detective of the Year, is accused of sexting a civilian decoy he thought was a 14-year-old girl, at times while he was on duty, officials said.

  5. Kansas City Crime Scene: Standoff Aftermath & Local Roundup

    KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Accused Indian Creek Trail killer Fredrick Scott trial's has been delayed despite objections from the state. Scott's trial was originally set for Sep. 6, 2022 , but according to the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney's office, the trial will now be moved to a date that has yet to be determined in January.

  6. What Questions Do They Ask at Jury Duty Selection? [Revealed]

    Jury Duty—Employed Jurors. What happens if you’re employed and can’t get time off?Jury duty is not only important—it’s obligatory. Regardless, some employers threaten their employees that they will demote them, reduce their salaries, or even fire them if they take their jury leave.

  7. How To Get Out Of Jury Duty EVERY TIME.. "I GUARANTEE IT

    12:00 midnight and call in. The computer phone system will then say you are on standby or reserve (or something like that) and you need to call back the next day by like 5:00 p.m..

  8. 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County Missouri 415 E 12th Street Kansas City, Mo 64106

  9. If you are determined to be eligible for jury service, your name is added to the potential juror pool. From that pool, summons are issued periodically. You remain in that pool until you are summoned to serve. What happens when I report for jury duty on Monday morning? [Back to top] You will report to the jury assembly room for further instructions.

  10. To find out if your jury service has been cancelled, please click on the location where you were directed to report. This information is listed in the lower left hand corner of your summons. If you have lost your summons and are unsure of where you are to report, please contact the jury office at either 816-881-3602 or 816-881-1619.

  11. Jury Service Information - Alachua County, Florida

    Jurors for County and Circuit Court are selected from the list of licensed drivers residing in Alachua County. Jurors are generally summoned 4-8 weeks prior to jury duty. Most juries are selected on Monday morning at the Alachua County Courthouse for all trials scheduled for the week. Some 80% of the trials in Alachua County are for one day only.