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  2. What is a Web Portal? - Codeless Platforms

    Common examples of web portals that SMEs deploy include: Sales portal Project management portal Customer portal solution Membership portal CRM portal HR portal Intranet portal Corporate portal Discover a range of prebuit and highlighy customisable customer portals from Codeless Platforms our marketplace. What types of web portals are there?

  3. What is a Web Portal? A Comprehensive Guide - Net Solutions

    Horizontal web portals target the entire Internet (e.g. Yahoo, MSN) or the widest possible audience (e.g. government portal), earning the term “mega portal.” A horizontal portal can also be a collection of vertical portals, such as we see with Yahoo’s dive into sports, style, or entertainment.

  4. 5 Successful Web Portal Examples -

    #5 Student portals Stanford University built an online platform for accessing various information on academic advising, teaching and grading, enrollment and employment, training and financials, and more. The portal is also used to record transactions related to everything mentioned above. Build a user-centric web portal

  5. Top 100: The Most Visited Websites in the US - Semrush Blog

    Social media sites also had a strong showing in December with Youtube (5%), Facebook (1%), Reddit (3%), and Twitter (-2%) all making the top 10. With some major weather systems moving across the country for the holidays, (24%) and (19%) saw big bumps in traffic in December.

  6. 15 Awesome Web Portal Examples - Liferay - Liferay Community

    The portal’s functionality can provide a far-reaching impact on an organization and its processes. In fact, many companies throughout various industries are employing a portal platform. They include the following: Banking & Insurance Portals Santander Bank, Retail Banking Portal

  7. Website vs. Web Portal: The Difference Revealed

    For example, Gartner defines a web portal as a high-traffic website with a wide range of content, services, and vendor links. Can’t Decide Between a Website and a Web Portal? ScienceSoft’s team can help you pick the right option for your online presence and assist with its implementation.

  8. 15 Awesome Web Portal Examples – Veriday

    Banking & Insurance Portals. Santander Bank, Retail Banking Portal. As one of the largest banks in the eurozone, Santander looked to build a new enterprise web platform that would integrate with existing software (CMS, Search Engine, Product Catalog) while allowing room for new content and features.

  9. What is a Web Portal? - Definition from Techopedia

    There are two types of web portals, namely, horizontal web portals and vertical web portals. The former target large communities of users, whereas the latter are more specific to the contents and objects. Web portals are also classified based on their types, such as market space portals, public web portals, enterprise web portals, knowledge ...

  10. Overview of the Power Pages portals Web API | Microsoft Learn

    Next step. The portals Web API enables a richer user experience inside Power Pages sites. You can use the Web API to perform create, read, update, and delete operations across all Microsoft Dataverse tables from your webpages. For example, you can create a new account, update a contact, without using a form or multistep form by using the ...

  11. Manage web links - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn

    To create a new web link set, select New. To edit an existing web link set instead, select the web link set name. Enter appropriate values in the fields. If you create a new web link set, select Save to save the record so you can add web links. Go to the Links tab. To create a new web link, select New Web Link.