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  2. Configure access to workspaces | Citrix Workspace

    Citrix recommends using the latest version of Citrix Workspace app to access workspaces. Citrix ...

  3. Authentication | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

    When configured for smart card authentication, Citrix Workspace app does not support virtual private network (VPN) single-sign on or session pre-launch. To use VPN with smart card authentication, install the Citrix Gateway Plug-in. Log on through a webpage using their smart cards and PINs to authenticate at each step.

  4. Get started with Citrix Workspace | Citrix Workspace

    There are two ways to access Citrix Workspace. One is through the natively installed Citrix Workspace app, which replaces Citrix Receiver for simple, secure access to Citrix Cloud services and workspaces. The other way to access Citrix Workspace is through a browser with the Workspace URL.

  5. Manage your workspace experience | Citrix Workspace

    Enter the Workspace URL into the browser and sign in. Download the configuration file from Settings > Account Settings > Advanced > Download Workspace Configuration. This downloads a file with a .cr extension that adds the workspace to your local Citrix Workspace app. The official version of this content is in English.

  6. Citrix Workspace Overview | Citrix Workspace

    Get started overview Citrix Workspace is set up through the Citrix Cloud console, in which there’s an Identity and Access Management administration screen and a Citrix Workspace management interface called Workspace Configuration. Getting started with Citrix Workspace involves the following tasks.

  7. About Citrix Workspace app for Windows

    Home page The Citrix Workspace app Home page opens after the successful sign-in. The UI of Citrix Workspace app is responsive, intuitive, and easy to use. This app experience is available only for customers on cloud stores. The three sections of Workspace UI are Header section, Menus, and Content section. 1 - Header section

  8. Install and uninstall | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

    Installation with administrator and non-administrator privileges: Both users and administrators can ...

  9. Update | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

    Click OK to update to Beta build. To switch from a Beta build to a Release build, do the following steps: Open Citrix Workspace app from the system tray. Navigate to Advanced Preferences > Citrix Workspace updates. In the Update Settings screen, select Release from the Update channel drop-down list and click Save.

  10. Manage accounts | Citrix Workspace app for Mac

    On the Citrix Workspace app home page, go to Account > Accounts and click Accounts. From the quick access menu of Citrix Workspace app, click the Preferences icon and then click Accounts. Add or remove accounts To add an account, do the following: On the Accounts tab, click +. Enter your store url or email address that your organization provided.

  11. Display your devices in the Desktop Viewer | Citrix Workspace ...

    Desktop Viewer is enabled by default. Contact your administrator if you are not able to view the Desktop Viewer. You can use the settings in Preferences > Connections to customize whether you want devices, such as microphone and webcams, to connect to your virtual apps and desktops session.