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  2. Linux sar 命令详解 - 李永三 - 博客园

    #sar -n选项使用6个不同的开关:dev,edev,nfs,nfsd,sock,ip,eip,icmp,eicmp,tcp,etcp,udp,sock6,ip6,eip6,icmp6,eicmp6和udp6 ,dev显示网络接口信息,edev显示关于网络错误的统计数据,nfs统计活动的nfs客户端的信息,nfsd统计nfs服务器的信息,sock显示套接字信息 ...

  3. An ESXi/ESX host cannot mount a NFS datastore. The /var/log/messages (ESXi) or /var/log/vmkernel (ESX) log files contain errors similar to: Jun 15 13:01:39 esx

  4. 本当は怖いLinuxのNFS? - Qiita

    たとえnfsdの再起動を行ったとしても、依然Dステータスを解消することはできない。 あくまでファイルシステムからの応答がないとだめなのだ。 もちろん、OS毎再起動するか、あるいはファイルシステムの方で何らか処理を止める方法があれば、それで解消 ...

  5. INIGO at Skyrim Nexus - Mods and Community

    Papyrus log activity when updating When upgrading an existing save game there will be a second or two of scary looking Papyrus log activity. Worry not. This is normal and after saving all future loads should be message free. When is V3 coming out? When it's good and ready. There's simply no way I can predict when such a massive undertaking will ...

  6. Chapter 33. Advanced Networking | FreeBSD Documentation Portal

    If the driver load was successful, output similar to the following should appear on the console and in /var/log/messages: ubt0: vendor 0x0a12 product 0x0001, rev 1.10/5.25, addr 2 ubt0: Interface 0 endpoints: interrupt = 0x81, bulk-in = 0x82, bulk-out = 0x2 ubt0: Interface 1 ( alt.config 5 ) endpoints: isoc-in = 0x83, isoc-out = 0x3 ...

  7. 第1章 zabbix监控 1.1 为什么要监控 在需要的时刻,提前提醒我们服务器出问题了 当出问题之后,可以找到问题的根源 网站/服务器 的可用性 1.1.1 网站可用性 在软件系统的高可靠性(也称为

  8. Fukase(SEKAINOOWARI) on Twitter: "あ" / Twitter

    Fukase(SEKAINOOWARI) on Twitter: "あ" / Twitter ... “あ”

  9. node_exporter_config | Grafana Agent documentation

    node_exporter_config The node_exporter_config block configures the node_exporter integration, which is an embedded version of node_exporter and allows for collecting metrics from the UNIX system that node_exporter is running on. It provides a significant amount of collectors that are responsible for monitoring various aspects of the host system. Note that if running the Agent in a container ...

  10. How To Use Systemctl to Manage Systemd Services and Units

    Other capabilities, like log management and user sessions are handled by separate daemons and management utilities (journald/journalctl and logind/loginctl respectively). Taking time to become familiar with these other tools and daemons will make management an easier task.

  11. ORACLE-BASE - UNIX Commands For DBAs

    find /tmp/backup*.log -mtime +30 -delete; This is one example of a log rotation, where the most current log doesn't include the date in it's name. Rotate Log Files. See the previous section for another variant on log rotation. The following script provides an example of how to manage a log rotation using the Bash shell.