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  2. systemd[1]: Starting NFS server and services... rpc.nfsd[3515]: rpc.nfsd: writing fd to kernel failed: errno 111 (Connection refused) rpc.nfsd[3515]: rpc.nfsd: unable to set any sockets for nfsd systemd[1]: nfs-server.service: main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE systemd[1]: Failed to start NFS server and services. systemd[1 ...

  3. 8.6. Configuring the NFS Server - Red Hat Customer Portal

    Every file system being exported to remote users with NFS, as well as the access level for those file systems, are listed in the /etc/exports file. When the nfs service starts, the /usr/sbin/exportfs command launches and reads this file, passes control to rpc.mountd (if NFSv3) for the actual mounting process, then to rpc.nfsd where the file systems are then available to remote users.

  4. Combilift are revolutionising the way companies handle and store goods. We help companies of all sizes and from every industry to maximise the capacity, safety and efficiency of their warehouse and storage facilities.

  5. TCP端口_百度百科端口

    TCP端口就是为TCP协议通信提供服务的端口。TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) ,TCP是一种面向连接(连接导向)的、可靠的、基于字节流的运输层(Transport layer)通信协议,由IETF的RFC 793说明(specified)。在计算机网络OSI模型中,它完成第四层传输层所指定的功能。我们的电脑与网络连接的许多应用都是 ...

  6. Armbian-5.77 on N1 , so far so good-恩山无线论坛

    本帖最后由 xiangsm 于 2019-3-31 22:40 编辑 N1装@150balbes制作的armbian镜像,我遇到的、以及论坛里讨论的问题大体有:有线网断流,无线网无法用,蓝牙无驱动,emmc分区不可见,系统负载高,视频无法硬解,nfs服务无法启动,xrdp服务无法启动等。

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