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  2. Tutorial - Create an NFS Azure file share and mount it on a ...

    Now you're ready to create an NFS file share and provide network-level security for your NFS traffic. Add a file share to your storage account Select Home and then Storage accounts. Select the storage account you created. Select Data storage > File shares from the storage account pane. Select + File Share.

  3. UEK7 adds the ability to share new connections to NFS servers with multiple network interfaces. There is a new max_connect mount option for controlling the number of RPC transports that the NFS client can associate with a separate address, for the same NFS server. The default max_connect value is 1 but can allow up to 16 connections.

  4. [v2] NFSD: fix use-after-free on source server when doing ...

    This patch adds a call to nfs4_free_cpntf_statelist in nfsd4_close_open_stateid to clean up the copy state before calling free_ol_stateid_reaplist to free the lock state's stid on the reaplist. Signed-off-by: Dai Ngo <> --- fs/nfsd/nfs4state.c | 7 +++++++ 1 file changed, 7 insertions (+)

  5. Pod Security Standards (PSS) and Security Context Constraints ...

    NFS uses interprocess communication (IPC) to communicate with the NFSD. Host PID. Required to start rpc-statd for NFS. Astra Trident queries host processes to determine if rpc-statd is running before mounting NFS volumes. Capabilities. The SYS_ADMIN capability is provided as part of the default capabilities for privileged containers. For ...

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  7. NFS-e - Nota Fiscal de Serviços Eletrônica - Prefeitura do Recife

    Para acessar o Sistema de Notas Fiscais de Serviços Eletrônicas (NFS-e), Clique Aqui.

  8. Creating NAS Mount Points

    $ sudo nfsd status snfsd service is enabled nfsd is running (pid 5155, 20 threads) Then edit the exports file and add your required NFS mount points as shown below. Note that you have to stop and start the daemon for the new config file to be loaded

  9. You might also send the patch and just mention that you were not able. to test it on powerpc. There are people with access to powerpc that. might check it. Another question is how to actually test it. I wonder how you do. it for x86. Finally, also s390 supports livepatching. I guess that the problem is.

  10. Deepanshu Thakur Vlogs - YouTube

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  11. Furkan Khan official - YouTube

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