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  2. Overhaul NFSD filecache []

    Overhaul NFSD filecache., This series overhauls the NFSD filecache, a cache of server-side "struct file" objects recently used by NFS clients. The purposes of this overhaul are an immediate improvement in cache scalability in the number of open files, and preparation for further improvements.

  3. Roman infantry tactics - Wikipedia

    Roman infantry tactics refers to the theoretical and historical deployment, formation, and manoeuvres of the Roman infantry from the start of the Roman Republic to the fall of the Western Roman Empire . The focus below is primarily on Roman tactics: the "how" of their approach to battle, and how it stacked up against a variety of opponents over ...

  4. I think it would be reasonable to merge the preliminary NFS and NFSD. patches in the next window. I'd really like to hear from Al before. pushing the rest too hard. Probably after rc1 I'll post the remainder. of the series and include Linus if we haven't heard from Al. I'd be.

  5. However if we only get a shared lock, then the pre/post. > attributes won't be atomic, so we need to ensure that fh know that, > and doesn't try to encode wcc attrs either. >. > Note that there is only one filesystem that allows shared locks for. > create/unlink and that is NFS (for re-export). NFS does support atomic.

  6. Russian language - Wikipedia

    Russian (Russian: русский язык, romanized: russkiy yazyk) is an East Slavic language mainly spoken across Russia. It is the native language of the Russians, and belongs to the Indo-European language family. It is one of four living East Slavic languages, [j] and is also a part of the larger Balto-Slavic languages.

  7. GitHub - Jessiehongtran/test-drupal-repo

    Drupal Docksal Boilerplate. IMPORTANT: This project is a boilerplate for creating new Drupal projects using the Docksal local development stack. New projects should be initiated by first creating a new repository from this template and then completing the set up steps listed below.

  8. Цели: учить бегать по всей площадке, не стоять у стенки; влезать на свободное место, уступая друг другу; слезать до конца, не спрыгивая;развивать ловкость, внимательность. «Мыши в кладовой ...