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  2. Court leave | U.S. Department of Commerce

    Pay status during court leave for jury duty. Since it is mandated by statute that the compensation of an employee shall not be reduced because of jury duty, employees granted court leave for jury duty are entitled to the same compensation they would otherwise have received, including any premium pay and differentials (31 Comp. Gen. 173; 23 id ...

  3. Jury Duty - California

    Jury Duty is a citizen’s civic responsibility and is subject to collective bargaining. Refer to the employee’s appropriate bargaining unit agreement for additional information. Supervisors must temporarily adjust an employee’s work schedule, if other than Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., until the employee is released from Jury Duty.

  4. Code of Virginia Code - Article 2. Jurors

    Code 1950, § 8-208.3; 1973, c. 439; 1977, c. 617; 1997, c. 801. § 8.01-339. No person eligible for whom request is made. No person shall be eligible to serve on any jury when he, or any person for him, solicits or requests a jury commissioner to place his name in a jury box or in any way designate such person as a juror.

  5. Human Resources Manual - CalHR

    Government Code section 19331 provides leaves of absence granted for jury duty may be with or without pay. It is the policy of the state to provide compensation to eligible employees when summoned to report for jury duty.

  6. Jury Duty – Official Website of Arlington County Virginia ...

    Reporting for Jury Duty. If you receive a summons, read it carefully for important information about your jury duty service. Immediately confirm your receipt of the summons: Visit the Juror Website, enter the Candidate ID printed on your summons and your date of birth. Call the juror hotline at 703-228-0533, Enter the Candidate ID printed on ...

  7. Overview of Federal Leave Categories | Office of Human Resources

    Court Leave can be used if you must perform Jury duty in a Federal, state or municipal court or to serve as a witness in a judicial proceeding in which the US, DC or state or local Gov't is a party. Limits and Conditions. Cannot be granted for jury or witness duty performed within a period of non-pay status -LWOP/AWOL

  8. WebTA Transaction Codes | U.S. Department of Commerce

    WebTA Transaction Codes. Transaction Codes (TC), Prefix Codes (PC) and Shift Suffix Codes (SSC) control the rate and kind of pay an employee will receive. They are used to record all time and attendance data, including hours worked, absences, allowances, differentials, and other entitlements. An employee's take-home pay and leave balances are ...

  9. LEAVE CODES Leave Code Definition - Eighth Army

    KF Non duty within regular schedule KG Military furlough, called to active duty KM Missing time non pay (Department of Health and Human Services) KN Process MSC CIVMAR employees' non pay days 1, 7, 8, 14 of the pay period LA Annual leave LB Annual leave, advance LC Court leave LD Donated leave LE Holiday leave, on call LF Annual leave, forced

  10. Jury Duty - Federal Employees Benefits Q&A - Federal Soup

    The employee would be charged annual leave, sick leave, or leave without pay, as appropriate.) Jury Duty. An employee who is summoned to serve as a juror in a judicial proceeding is entitled to court leave. Witnesses. An employee who is summoned as a witness in a judicial proceeding in which the Federal, State, or local government is a party is ...

  11. Transaction Code Descriptor Description Pfx Sfx

    Transaction Code Descriptor Description 01 01 Reg Time­At Inst(On­Site) 01 02 Base Pay Light Duty (Injury) 01 03 Base Pay Light Duty (Illness) 01 04 External Training 01 11 01 12 01 13 01 14 01 15 01 16 01 17 01 04 Regular w/ Hazard Pay 01 1 Regular Hours, Shift 1 01 2 Regular Hours, Shift 2 01 3 Regular Hours, Shift 3