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  2. Paramount Pictures produces original motion pictures and owns a library of 2,500 films, including the Mission: Impossible and Transformers series. Paramount operates a number of streaming services,...

  3. Para Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    plural paras or para 1 a : any of several monetary units of the Turkish Empire b : a coin representing one para 2 [Serbian & Croatian, from Turkish] see dinar at Money Table para 2 of 5 abbreviation paragraph para- 3 of 5 prefix variants or par- 1 : beside : alongside of : beyond : aside from parathyroid parenteral 2 a : closely related to

  4. The PARA Method: A Universal System for Organizing Digital Information Posted in Building a Second Brain, Note-taking, Organizing, Productivity, Project management, Technology On February 8, 2017 BY Tiago Forte Last modified June 10, 2022 Estimated reading time: 12 minutes Series Navigation: The P.A.R.A. Method PARA Part 2: Operations Manual >>

  5. para- (2) word-forming element of Latin origin meaning "defense, protection against; that which protects from," from Italian para, imperative of parare "to ward off," from Latin parare "make ready" (from PIE root *pere- (1) "to produce, procure"). It figures in parachute, parasol, parapet, etc.

  6. para- 1. 1. a prefix appearing in loanwords from Greek, with the meanings “at or to one side of, beside, side by side” ( parabola; paragraph ), “beyond, past, by” ( paradox ); by extension designating objects or activities auxiliary to or derivative of that denoted by the base word ( parody; paronomasia ), and hence abnormal or defective ( paranoia ).

  7. Tuscaloosa County Parks & Recreation Authority FIND YOUR PATH! FIND YOUR FUN! Browse Our Parks FIND YOUR PATH! EXPLORE OUR TRAILS FIND YOUR FUN! Browse Our Parks 1 2 MLK HOLIDAY HOURS OF OPERATION - 1/16/23 PARA FREQUENTLY SEARCHED Donate Pools Volunteer Join EXPLORE A PARA MEMBERSHIP PARA always has something going on for you!

  8. Pará - Wikipediaá

    Pará is the most populous state of the North Region, with a population of over 8.6 million, being the ninth-most populous state in Brazil. It is the second-largest state of Brazil in area, at 1.2 million square kilometres (460,000 sq mi), second only to Amazonas upriver. Its most famous icons are the Amazon River and the Amazon Rainforest.

  9. Para | Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict

    para ( pah - rah ) preposition 1. (used to express intention or design) a. for Lo hice para ti. I did it for you. Estas vitaminas son para niños.These vitamins are for children. 2. (used to express purpose) a. for (used before a gerund) Lo quiero para cocinar la pasta. I want it for cooking the pasta. b. in order to (used before an infinitive)

  10. 1. paraprofessional. 2. paratrooper. par•a 5 (ˈpær ə) n., pl. par•as, par•ae (ˈpær i) 1. Also called parity. a woman's status regarding the bearing of offspring: usu. followed by a numeral designating the number of times the woman has given birth. 2. the woman herself. Compare gravida. [1880–85; extracted from primipara, multipara, etc.] Pa•rá

  11. Para | definition of para by Medical dictionary - ...

    A woman who has given birth to one or more infants. Para followed by a roman numeral or preceded by a Latin prefix (primi-, secundi-, terti-, quadri-, etc.) designates the number of times a pregnancy has culminated in a single or multiple birth; for example, para I, primipara, a woman who has given birth for the first time; para II, secundipara, a woman who has given birth for the second time to one or more infants.