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  2. Recommended Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

    rec· om· mend· ed ˌre-kə-ˈmen-dəd Synonyms of recommended : introduced or mentioned as being fit or worthy recommended reading Ideal weights for bass fishing are line size 8 or 9. These will balance best with stiff-action fly rods of the recommended 8- to 9-foot lengths. Jerome B. Robinson Word History First Known Use

  3. 77 Synonyms & Antonyms of RECOMMENDED - Merriam-Webster

    Definition of recommended past tense of recommend 1 as in handed to put (something) into the possession or safekeeping of another serious gastronomes should recommend their stomachs to the restaurant's chef, giving full rein to his culinary prowess and imagination Synonyms & Similar Words Relevance handed left gave commended delegated transferred

  4. RECOMMENDED | English meaning - Cambridge Dictionary

    suggested as being good or suitable for a particular job or purpose, or suggested as an action that should be done: It is dangerous to take more than the recommended dose of this medicine. She is a highly recommended architect. See recommend More examples a 20-miles per hour recommended speed limit This book is recommended reading.

  5. RECOMMEND | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    recommend. verb [ T ] us / ˌrek.əˈmend / uk / ˌrek.əˈmend /. B1. to suggest that someone or something would be good or suitable for a particular job or purpose, or to suggest that a particular action should be done: I can recommend the chicken in mushroom sauce - it's delicious. She has been recommended for promotion.

  6. 1. To praise or commend to another as being worthy or desirable; endorse: recommended him for the job; recommended a car instead of an SUV. 2. To make attractive or acceptable: This book has much to recommend it. 3. To advise or counsel: She recommended that we be on time. 4.

  7. See definition of recommended on adj. urged synonyms for recommended Compare Synonyms approved endorsed favored praised selected suggested supported advocated commended mentioned sanctioned antonyms for recommended MOST RELEVANT disapproved discouraged discredited

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    related to: recommended coverage for homeowners insurance