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  2. Tech Paper: Communication Ports Used by Citrix Technologies

    If you have configured Citrix ADCs in High Availability mode, Citrix ADM uses the Citrix ADC subnet IP (Management SNIP) address to communicate with Citrix ADC. CTX124386 describes how to change the source, to communicate syslog messages to ADM, from the NSIP to the SNIP Citrix Cloud

  3. System and Connectivity Requirements | Citrix Cloud

    System requirements. Citrix Cloud requires the following minimum configuration: An Active Directory domain. Two physical or virtual machines, joined to your domain, for the Citrix Cloud Connector. For more information, see Citrix Cloud Connector Technical Details. Physical or virtual machines, joined to your domain, for hosting workloads and ...

  4. Obtaining the MAC address, serial number, and host properties ...

    To obtain the MAC address, serial number, and host properties of the appliance by using the LOM GUI In the Menu bar, click Remote Control. Under Options, click Console Redirection. Click Launch Console, and then click Yes. Type the administrator credentials. Type show interface <management_interface_id> to display the MAC address.

  5. Configure | Citrix Workspace app for iOS

    Enter the server name and IP address of the StoreFront server. Click Create. If you have a StoreFront group, repeat step 5 for all the servers in the group. On the configuration tab, navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Monitor and click Add. Enter a name for the monitor. Select STOREFRONT as the Type.

  6. Lifecycle Milestones for Citrix Receiver - Citrix

    The current LTSR version for Citrix Workspace app for Windows is 2203.1. Please refer to the lifecycle milestones chart for the lifecycle dates for the current LTSR version. Lifecycle dates for Citrix Workspace app / Citrix Receiver

  7. Add a name server | Citrix ADC 13.1

    Configure the Citrix ADC as an ADNS server Configure the Citrix ADC as a DNS proxy server Configure the Citrix ADC as an end resolver Configure the Citrix ADC as a forwarder Add a name server Set DNS lookup priority Disable and enable name servers Configure Citrix ADC as a non-validating security aware stub-resolver

  8. System requirements | StoreFront 1912 LTSR -

    TCP port 8008 is used by Citrix Workspace app for HTML5, or supported versions of Citrix Receiver and Citrix Workspace app, where enabled, for communications from local users on the internal network to the servers providing their desktops and applications. StoreFront supports both pure IPv6 networks and dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 environments.

  9. Plan your StoreFront deployment | StoreFront 1912 LTSR

    On - This is the default value for new Citrix Receiver for Web sites. Citrix Receiver for Web uses the schema (HTTPS or HTTP) and port number from the base URL but replaces the host with the loopback IP address to communicate with StoreFront Services. This works for single server deployments and deployments with a non SSL-terminating load balancer.