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  2. Spanish Classroom Words & Vocabulary - The Complete List

    El aula – Classroom “Están renovando nuestro aula.” – “They are renovating our classroom.” Estudiar – To study “Paolo se olvidó de estudiar para el examen.” – “Paolo forgot to study for the exam.” Repasar – To revise “La maestra nos pidió que repasar para el examen de mañana.” – “The teacher asked us to review for the test tomorrow.”

  3. 102 Spanish Classroom Vocabulary - My Daily Spanish

    Looking for a list of Spanish words for objects you find inside the classroom? Here’s your ...

  4. Spanish Classroom Glossary: Helpful Classroom Words & Phrases

    Spanish Classroom Glossary: Helpful Classroom Words & Phrases. These words and phrases for teachers cover common expressions, classroom words, and vocabulary related to school activities. Adapted from: Eastern Stream Center on Resources and Training (ESCORT). (2003).

  5. Classroom Vocabulary in Spanish

    The following is a list of Spanish language vocabulary for common items found in the classroom. ...

  6. The Essential List of Classroom Objects in Spanish

    Let's talk about the Spanish classroom! Check out this awesome vocabulary guide with all the ...

  7. Essential List of Classroom Objects in Spanish: Part 2

    Classroom Spanish Verbs To clean – Limpiar To color – Colorear To cut – Cortar To decorate – Decorar To do an exercise – Hacer un ejercicio To draw – Dibujar To erase – Borrar To learn – Aprender To open a book – Abrir un libro To paint – Pintar To paste – Pegar To read – Leer To read aloud – Leer ...

  8. Classroom Objects in Spanish: List and Sentences (with Audio)

    Los objetos de la clase Hopefully you were able to recognize most of the items in the previous picture. We created the following video to help you learn more vocabulary on this topic. There are 26 different words for classroom objects in Spanish in the video plus several examples of sentences.

  9. 120 Common Spanish Phrases for Teachers - Homeschool Spanish...

    Here are some tips on bridging the language gap—including several sets of common Spanish phrases ...

  10. Spanish at School |

    Quick Answer ¡Hola! ( Hello!) Do you want to communicate en español ( in Spanish) on your first day of school? Talking to your compañeros ( classmates) about your clases ( classes) and your profesores ( teachers) is a great way to start! This article will help you master the main phrases that you will need on your first day of school!

  11. Spanish Classroom Words Cheat Sheet -

    See you later. Hasta pronto. See you soon. Nos vemos... (mañana, el viernes, la semana que viene, este fin de semana). See you... (tomorrow, Friday, next week, this weekend). ¡Que te vaya bien! See you (liter­ally: I hope things go well for you) informal, singular. ¡Que le vaya bien!