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  2. Spanish language - Wikipedia

    Spanish (español or idioma español), or Castilian (castellano), is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family that evolved from colloquial Latin spoken on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe.Today, it is a global language with about 486 million native speakers, mainly in the Americas and Spain. Spanish is the official language of 20 countries.It is the world's second-most spoken ...

  3. History of the Spanish language - Wikipedia

    The language known today as Spanishor previously known as Castilian derived from a dialect of spoken Latin, which was brought to the Iberian Peninsula by the Romans after their occupation of the peninsula that started in the late 3rd century BC.

  4. Spanish language - Simple English Wikipedia, the free...

    Spanish (Spanish: español, pronounced "Eh-span-yole", IPA: /espaɲol/), also called Castilian, is a Romance language. It is the most spoken Romance language in the world. As of December 2021, over 489 million people in the world spoke Spanish as their first language.

  5. Spanish language in the Americas - Wikipedia

    Spanish language in the Americas. The different varieties of the Spanish language spoken in the Americas are distinct from each other as well as from those varieties spoken in the Iberian peninsula, collectively known as Peninsular Spanish and Spanish spoken elsewhere, such as in Africa and Asia. There is great diversity among the various Latin ...

  6. Spanish language | History, Speakers, & Dialects | Britannica

    Spanish language, Spanish Español, Romance language ( Indo-European family) spoken as a first language by some 360 million people worldwide. In the early 21st century, Mexico had the greatest number of speakers (more than 85 million), followed by Colombia (more than 40 million), Argentina (more than 35 million), the United States (more than 31 ...

  7. Spanish Wikipedia - Simple English Wikipedia, the free...

    The Spanish Wikipedia (In Spanish: Wikipedia en Español) is a Spanish-language edition of Wikipedia. Started in May 2001, it is the 9th-largest Wikipedia by article count. [1] The Spanish Wikipedia has about 1,862,000 articles.

  8. Spanish language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Wikinews

    Spanish is the official, or national language in 18 countries and one territory in the Americas, Spain, and Equatorial Guinea. With a population of over 410 million, Hispanophone America accounts for the vast majority of Spanish speakers, of which Mexico is the most populous Spanish-speaking country.

  9. Where are the women on the Spanish-language Wikipedia site? - ...

    An analysis of the gender gap in the Spanish-language version of Wikipedia by an interdisciplinary team at the UOC has revealed that only 11.6% of its registered editors are women.

  10. Spanish at a glance. Native names: español, castellano. Language family: Indo-Europea, Italic, Romance, Western Romance, Ibero-Romance, West-Iberian, Castilian. Number of speakers: c. 470 million. Spoken in: Spain, Latin America, USA, Equatorial Guinea. First written: 11th century.

  11. Wikipedia

    Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers around the world and hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation. Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia. English 6 644 000+ articles. ... Read Wikipedia in your language . 1 000 000+ articles Polski;