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  2. What is portal? | Definition from TechTarget

    1) Portal is a term, generally synonymous with gateway, for a World Wide Web site that is or proposes to be a major starting site for users when they get connected to the Web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site. There are general portals and specialized or niche portals.

  3. An external portal is a website designed to be a starting point on the web. It consolidates links to different subjects and related articles, simplifying the web browsing process. Yahoo , for example, is a well-known portal that includes categories such as News, Sports, Finance, Shopping, Movies, Politics, Tech, and others.

  4. Definition of Portal - Gartner Information Technology Glossary

    A portal is a high-traffic website with a wide range of content, services and vendor links. It acts as a value-added middleman by selecting the content sources and assembling them in a simple-to-navigate and customize interface for presentation to the end user.

  5. What is a Portal on the Internet? - Definition from Techopedia

    What Does Portal (Internet) Mean? In the context of the Internet, a portal is refers to any commonly used website serving as an entry point to the Internet, usually with many links to a wide variety of information, data, resources and services.

  6. What is a Web Portal? | Liferay

    A portal is a web-based platform that collects information from different sources into a single user interface and presents users with the most relevant information for their context. Over time, simple web portals have evolved into portal platforms that support digital customer experience initiatives. Web Portals Are About Personalized Access

  7. What is a Portal? - Computer Hope

    P - Definitions Portal Updated: 03/06/2020 by Computer Hope A portal may refer to any of the following: 1. A portal is an idea of a website or service that offers a broad range of services, such as e-mail, games, quotes, search, news, and stocks.

  8. Definition of portal | PCMag

    (2) A website that provides interactive services for users, not just links to other pages. Any site that stores a user's personal data can be called a portal; for example, a banking, telephone or...

  9. What is a Web Portal? - Definition from Techopedia

    Technology Expert Last updated: 31 March, 2017 Disclosure What Does Web Portal Mean? A web portal is a specially designed website that often serves as the single point of access for information. It can also be considered a library of personalized and categorized content.

  10. Web portal - Wikipedia

    A web portal is a website that provides a broad array of services, such as search engines, e-mail, online shopping, and forums. American web portals included Pathfinder , Excite , Netscape 's Net Center, Go , NBC , MSN , Lycos , Voila, Yahoo! , and Google Search .

  11. What is Portal? | Webopedia

    Vangie Beal June 25, 2008 Updated on: May 24, 2021 (1) A Web portal or public portal refers to a Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and online shopping malls.

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    related to: what is portal in computer