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  2. The web portal of a report server (Native Mode) - SQL Server ...

    The web portal is a web application that you open by typing the web portal URL in the address bar of the browser window. When you start the web portal, the pages, links, and options that you see will vary based on the permissions you have on the report server. To perform a task, you must be assigned to a role that includes the task.

  3. What is Portal? | Webopedia

    June 25, 2008 Updated on: May 24, 2021 (1) A Web portal or public portal refers to a Web site or service that offers a broad array of resources and services, such as e-mail, forums, search engines, and online shopping malls.

  4. What is Web portal URL?

    The web portal is a Web application that users access in a Web browser. Minimally, you must define the URL used to open the application in a browser window. The URL consists of a host name, port, and virtual directory.

  5. What is a Portal? - Computer Hope

    1. A portal is an idea of a website or service that offers a broad range of services, such as e-mail, games, quotes, search, news, and stocks. A portal, web portal, or vortex site offers such a broad range of commonly accessed services that visitors are more likely to visit more often.

  6. What is portal? - Definition from

    1) Portal is a term, generally synonymous with gateway, for a World Wide Web site that is or proposes to be a major starting site for users when they get connected to the Web or that users tend to visit as an anchor site. There are general portals and specialized or niche portals.

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  7. IDPH Web Portal

    Find all your public health related information at one secure site. Join online communities to share files, discussions, calendars and more. Access Web-based applications. Requirements: To access the IDPH Web Portal, users must be running Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher.

  8. ADEM Web Portal

    ADEM Web Portal. Welcome to ADEM's Web Portal. This is the gateway to a number of ADEM applications that will help you in your journey with the Department.