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    • How to change or update email account settings in Outlook for Windows | Microsoft
    • How to Change the User Account Settings in Windows 10
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  2. User Accounts Settings in Windows 11 - The Windows Club

    In order to change the user account settings in Windows 11, you need to press Win+I to open the Windows Settings panel first. Following that, switch to the Accounts tab on the left side.

  3. About User Account Control settings - Microsoft Support

    About User Account Control settings. Move the slider to select how much you want User Account Control to protect you from potentially harmful changes. Here's more info about each option: Notify you when programs try to install software or make changes to your computer.

  4. How To View Password In Outlook Mobile App | CellularNews

    Step 1: Open the Outlook Mobile App Step 2: Navigate to Account Settings Step 3: View Password for the selected account Step 4: Optional Step: Enable Biometric Authentication for Secure Access Conclusion FAQs Step 1: Open the Outlook Mobile App

  5. Guided Help: Adjust User Account Control settings in Windows ...

    .Click on the Search icon, type UAC in the search box, and then click Settings located under the search box..On the left hand pane click Change User Account Control Setting. 2. Move the slider to a desired notification setting, and then click OK. There are four UAC settings that you can choose from: Always notify Select this setting if you:

  6. Get help with PC settings - Microsoft Support

    Get help with PC settings. Most of the settings you'll want to change in Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1 are in PC settings. You'll find settings for screen resolution, adding and removing devices, personalizing the lock screen, changing the date and time, and adding user accounts.

  7. How To Open Your Phone's Settings Menu: A Comprehensive Guide

    Locate the “Settings” app on your home screen, symbolized by a gear icon. Tap on it. Just like that, you’re in. Using Spotlight Search: If you can’t find the Settings app or have organized your apps into folders: Swipe down on your home screen. Type “Settings” in the search bar.

  8. How To Add An Account To Youtube Premium |

    Step 1: Sign into your YouTube account The first step in adding an account to YouTube Premium is signing into your YouTube account. Make sure you are using the account that has an active YouTube Premium subscription. To sign in, open your preferred web browser and navigate to the YouTube website.

  9. How To Turn Off Notifications On Facebook Page - OnAirCode

    1. First of all, open the Facebook application and ensure you’re logged in. 2. Click on the Account icon and swap to the right page. 3.