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  2. Yandex.Disk is a less popular cloud storage service worthy of your attention. Microsoft Office integration makes it a good option for those working with documents. The company has a poor...

  3. Yandex.Disk is certainly a solid service in its own right, offering many of the best features of its Western competitors within a clean and well-designed user experience. Heavy users and those outside of Eastern Europe will be annoyed at the upload restrictions, occasional throttling, and slow download speeds, and the security conscious might ...

  4. Yandex.Disk Reviews and Pricing 2023 - SourceForge

    About Yandex.Disk. Yandex.Disk looks just like a regular folder. Your files don’t need to take up space on your computer — just mark which documents to save to the cloud and what to duplicate to your hard drive. You can also take screenshots and edit them with the desktop program.

  5. Yandex Disk

    Yandex Disk is a Yandex 360 service. Your own space to manage day-to-day tasks — from storing personal memories to writing business emails. Yandex Mail Read emails from different inboxes using Yandex Mail. Your emails are safe with built-in virus protection and spam blocking. Yandex Telemost

  6. Google Drive is way better in my opinion. Ultimately, Yandex Disk is a decent cloud storage service, but I would never recommend it to my friends and family because its security and privacy policy is a bit weak. I hope you enjoyed reading this Yandex Disk review and found this information helpful.

  7. Yandex search engine review | TechRadar

    Yandex is quite forthcoming about the fact that they do collect and use your user data. According to the company, it’s to provide the best experience for all users when using Yandex services....

  8. Yandex.Disk Review 2023 - Russian Google Alternative -...

    Yandex.Disk is a generally decent cloud service. The pricing & plans are mid-range when compared with other cloud services. It is most certainly not without faults. It lacks certain syncing options (block-level sync & sync any folder) and is very limited when it comes to file sharing.

  9. Yandex Disk is a cloud storage platform that provides that stores your data with high levels of security, and flexibility. It makes it possible for businesses and individuals to sync their entire data on cloud and access it from anywhere. Businesses can easily upload and backup large amount of all ... Read more Get Free Call Free Forever

  10. Opinions on Yandex disk? : r/googlephotos - reddit

    I use it for months. It offers unlimited photo backups and it works great. It doesn't backup videos unlimitedly, only photos. The Android app has banner ads. Other than that, there's no problem. And moreover, the Yandex Notes section (like Google Keep) is much more useful than Google Keep in terms of appearance and functionality.

  11. Had a very bad experience with Yandex Had a very bad experience with Yandex. Accidentally, gave a higher-value banknote and didn’t receive the appropriate change. Tried to contact the driver but without any success. Contacted support center and didn’t receive anticipated help. Date of experience: August 15, 2022 Advertisement Daniel Sutton 1 review